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Why a learning asset register might be a good idea for your product

In a world where online learning is growing increasingly popular, more businesses are using the Internet to train their employees. Today, around 87-percent of Australian universities allow students to access course materials online. In itself, that statistic stands as a testament to how effective eLearning is.

If you’re creating an online course, it’s worth asking yourself whether a learning asset register is a good idea for your product. Finding the answer to this question should only require a short period of reflection.

Do you have a large team?

Monitoring the development of a large team as they take on your eLearning package is often difficult. Unless you’re consistently touching base with them in person, it’s difficult to measure whether they’re continuing to participate. As a result, you may create an eLearning product that only a small number of your employees use efficiently.

Using an online course delivery platform with a learning asset register allows you to track progress. Then, if you notice that a handful of people fail to complete the package within the time they’re given, you can investigate why. Additionally, you can track behaviours that aren’t conducive to learning. For example, blasting through the course in the last few hours before its deadline.

Are you training remote workers?

Around 31-percent of the Australian workforce spends up to 20-percent of their time telecommuting. Allowing your employees to do so confers lots of advantages. They become more productive when they don’t have to face a commute. Also, you can retain experienced workers when their home circumstances change.

One issue with using remote workers is that it’s difficult to track their progress. This becomes crucial when you’re providing an eLearning package, as you need to know they’re performing to the best of their ability while away from the office. Using an asset register such as the ones that come with our services here at Darlo Digital allows you to measure the performance of remote workers. You can also analyse trends amongst those who telecommute and those who don’t, allowing you to see which situation is preferable.

Finally, do you want to track your course’s progress at all?

When you invest in any product, it’s wise to make sure it’s producing the results you want. An asset register will help you assess the benefits of each trend, giving you the chance to make adjustments where necessary. At Darlo Digital, we allow you to add a learning asset register to your package whether you use us for a blended or fully-online experience. To find out more, contact us.