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Is Online Learning a Fit for Your Team?

There are a number of advantages of offering online training within your organization. You may be seeking solutions to help your employees continuously update knowledge and skills. Perhaps your team is searching for for a convenient way to ensure their agility when waters get rough. Whatever the reason, the benefits of online learning simply can’t be ignored.

There are a number of ways to conduct online training, all of which are fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your company. Various files types can be used to accommodate learners of all types, including PDFs, videos, audio and hands-on activities. This allows you to cover a wide range of information in ways that reach all your employees and promote more effective teamwork.

Offering online learning opportunities may not only benefit your employees by further increasing their earning potential but can also help your company remain on the cutting edge of new technologies and trends. Here are some benefits of online learning to consider.

Provides flexibility

Online courses offer a great deal of flexibility because they can be taken from anywhere at any time. This gives employees the ability to manage their time better because they will have the freedom of choosing when, and sometimes where and how their courses are completed. This is much easier than requiring everyone to show up at a specific place at an appointed time which can interrupt workflow. It also ensures there will always be someone in the office to cover emergencies should they occur.

Utilizes a variety of media

Online courses allow for the use of many different media such as: text, images, videos and most importantly, e-books. The lack of physical materials makes it easier for employees to keep track of notes, and the online platform is convenient for managing course schedules, assignments and individual progress information.

Consequently, all of the various files and links associated with online training modules can be easily stored in one place for quick access when needed. As noted on eLearning Industry, “course materials can be “permanently saved in your hard drive when it comes to online training.”

Accessible across multiple platforms and devices

There are many methods for accessing online learning materials, so your employees will be able to choose what is most convenient to them. Whether by computer, tablet or smartphone, they can easily download, listen to and watch the modules using their platform of choice. Companies can benefit greatly from this level of access by offering a multitude of trainings in a diverse topic range that will cover various disciplines and simultaneously address a number of needs.

Increases retention rates

Online learning modules are often broken down into task-oriented segments. These pieces of information can be presented in a number of ways that reinforce the concepts being taught. Text, images, the use of interesting fonts, and animated descriptions are often used to introduce multiple aspects of each part, bringing them altogether to form a big picture that is easier to retain. As each concept is presented in a different way, it becomes easier to remember.

Often more cost-effective than traditional sessions

Offering traditional training can be quite costly, especially when you consider possible travel expenses like transportation, meals and lodging. This becomes particularly problematic when you require a large group of employees to attend at one time.

Source: Canva Premium

You can offset this cost by offering online training. According to an article on Chron.com, “If you choose online education instead, you can eliminate those extra expenses and focus on the value of the training itself.”

The price difference will enable you to train an entire department as opposed to just a few employees at a time. You will also be able to offer a greater number of trainings throughout the year because of the cost-effectiveness of eLearning over more conventional training methods.

Allows for greater course selection

When you offer online learning opportunities to your employees, you’ll have the flexibility of providing a better selection of courses. This is because you won’t be limited to instructor or employee availability and can choose the specific courses you want to include. Employees can then complete the courses at their own pace, or within a certain timeframe you specify.

You will also be able to easily build on previous learning modules and courses by keeping a record of which courses were most effective and why. By regularly monitoring the progress of your employees and requesting their feedback, you can determine which specific courses to add and the types of materials they should include in order to reach your employees in the most efficient manner possible.

Online courses will benefit both your company and employees by helping everyone obtain the knowledge and skills to remain relevant in the fast-paced business world of today. As technology continues to evolve, the challenges of keeping current will diminish due to its capabilities and the many opportunities afforded through offering the high-quality training that is making a difference everywhere.

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