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Online Learning is Exploding!

In a recent report, it’s been estimated that by 2025, there will be over 1 billion online learners.

While online learning has mixed reviews, it is clear that people are spending more time online: on their mobiles, researching information, watching YouTube videos, and taking their courses. The explosion of online learning is creating several challenges:

- How to create engaging online learning?
- What role does VR and AR have in online courses?
- Whether to teach a course or run self-paced courses?

A real risk in much online learning is that of ‘start-up’ companies that have very little knowledge of business, eLearning or research. We have seen that with emerging industries, there are lots of people jumped on the bandwagon and they simply don’t have the skills or experience – this is the downside of growth.

Dr. Brendan Moloney, our CEO, has a PhD in Education from the University of Melbourne, and has provided expertise and advice to leading organisations around the world. He has been involved in adult education for over 25+ years.