Darlo Digital: eLearning Design and Development

Darlo Digital draws on a great team of industry experts to help you build your eLearning projects. Our team includes skilled and talented instructional designers, eLearning specialists, project managers, graphic designers, videographers and multimedia developers (including gamers).

Darlo Digital is a division of Darlo Learning. Darlo was founded in 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. The company emerged out of a group of PhD graduates from the University of Melbourne looking for a different way to approach education and learning. In contrast to traditional management consulting firms, Darlo has been involved in program development and online delivery since 2011, and draws on expertise from academia, digital agencies, business and commerce, and innovation.

Our diversity is our strength: we have various divisions to draw on to help clients including services in regulation and compliance, technical writing, marketing and sales, academic recruitment, and course development.

Darlo Digital is a division dedicated solely to the development of eLearning content, resources, advice and programs for ‘learning’ organisations.

Understanding Your Needs: Digital Education and eLearning Projects

You have specific goals and needs in helping your users. Darlo Digital can help you understand and articulate your learning goals and outcomes, realising them in your programs. Our team provides technical skills, instructional design assistance and technical writers. Project management is a specific strength.

Building Capabilities: Getting Started to Advanced Technical Skills

Darlo Digital can help you with eLearning and Digital Education, wherever you are on the journey. In working through our system of development and designs, we can help your organisation develop a solution that works for you. Our team conducts in-house training and workshops to see you expand and develop your in-house capabilities. Workshops range from resource development, improving the look and feel of designs, improving student engagement with the online materials, and specific tailored workshops on Canvas LMS development.

Innovation and Product Creation: Delivering More to Your Audience

Product development and innovation is important to growth in the sector. Building an online reputation takes time and commitment. We understand how important new innovation and product creation is to you, so that’s why leading organisations approach us for assistance.

Whether you want to invigorate your existing products, develop new assets, or just looking for cheaper, faster and better, please get in touch.

Learning Apps and Multimedia: Enhancing Online Delivery

Looking for a learning app? Darlo Digital can help you build an app (iPhone, Android etc) that can give you a presence in the fast-growing mobile learning space. You can discuss your project goals and aims with the team, and look at developing new learning apps and multimedia.

Canvas LMS Specialists

Darlo Digital is proud to be a certified partner of Canvas LMS. While Canvas LMS is a powerful tool for delivering online, it is often the case that organisations will ask their existing team to put resources online. These materials frequently come from another Learning Management System like Moodle or using pdfs or text based materials. A key area where we help organisations is at this stage: how to get more out of Canvas, how to build resources and materials online, how to turn Canvas from a teaching repository to a learning experience.

To find out more, contact us.

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