This package is ideal for Enterprise Level, Corporates & Government departments.

Challenges for Enterprise-Level / Corporates

  • Operations - Creating efficiencies in operations by managing labour costs, reducing unnecessary working processes, creating efficiencies in your SOPs.
  • Sales and Marketing - Using online learning as a tool to create public awareness, engage with communities, build product knowledge and brand awareness.
  • People Development - Using LMS to build learning communities and hubs, engaging with participant communities, staff training, capabilities development.
  • Outsourcing Options - Using an outside organisation to develop products, modules and courses using a more cost-effective and rapid approach than may be obtainable in-house, having a more cost-effective source of revenue.

Our Process

  1. Initial Meeting - Where we discuss your current practices and needs.
  2. Issues Identification - Discussion with management regarding challenges facing the organisation.
  3. Response - We prepare a quote to provide services for training staff and building capabilities, enhancing existing teaching modules or resources and making them more student friendly, helping with reporting and analytics, developing learning assets or modules, and designing additional multimedia and online resources.
  4. Systems Review - If you have Canvas LMS (or any other LMS), we can we can design development in order to get more out of your system.
  5. Solutions Recommendation - Design of scenarios and options to develop products or services targeted at your clients.
  6. Product Development - Design and implementation of products and services, according to your specifications.
  7. Project Management and Delivery - Delivery of your product using robust project management systems and processes, in order to ensure you are on track.

Benefits of Working With Us

  • Personalised Service - A dedicated Project manager will be assigned directly to you project.
  • Agile and fast-moving project development - Attentive and responsive service to any queries, requests or feedback.
  • Cost Savings - Substantial networks and resources to help your project be successful from staff recruitment, in-house training, and business systems and operations support.
  • Project Planning - A high level of accountability and transparency, including the mapping of key project deliverables and outcomes.
  • Alternative to Bureaucratic Work Styles - Value-added insights and expertise into developing a ‘fit for purpose’ solution for your organisation.
  • Outsource Staff - A great grasp of the corporate/enterprise sector and the unique challenges facing organisations including budgetary pressures, outsourcing and maintenance of market share.

Payment Options

Negotiable. Discounts for Upfront Payments.

Payment Method

Credit Card, PayPal, Cash, Cheque, or Electronic Transfer.


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