This package is ideal for Coaches, Mentors, Small Business Owners, Consultants, and Retailers.

Challenges for Small Businesses

  • Operations - Having staff up to speed on business processes, needing a semi-DIY option to get started, affordable products, professional look and feel on a reasonable budget.
  • Sales and Marketing - Finding expertise in product development to help build marketing and sales, generating new and larger audiences for you.
  • People Development - Leadership development, freeing up more of your time for service delivery.
  • Outsourcing Options - Help in developing marketing and sales materials, educational products.

Our Process

  1. We set up a 45-minute meeting to discuss your professional requirements.
  2. We ask you questions about your goals and message.
  3. We find an affordable model to work with you on development of custom products and designs that work with your business.
  4. Once the project is under way, we will have a dedicated account manager will work with you to explain our process.
  5. You can send us some notes, ideas, written passages, marketing literature etc, that you would like to be converted into an online product eg. webinar, learning module or online course.
  6. Throughout the project, we will assist you in structuring your information. (We can also write copy for an additional fee, if required).
  7. We will develop a look and feel design and layout for the product. Depending on your feedback, we will make changes to create a suitable style.

Benefits of Working With Us

  • Easy-going team to work with and to help translate your ideas into products.
  • Skilled and experienced instructional designers to turn your content into a fantastic new product.
  • Tips and ideas on how to get the maximum effect and bene t out of your message and content.
  • A professional look and design to get your message out into your market (and boost sales)!
  • A large network of customers and suppliers that we can help you tap in to.
  • A good understanding of the nances and budgeting of small business.

Payment Options

Upfront fees or payments by subscription available.

Payment Method

Credit Card, Paypal, Cash, Cheque, Electronic Transfer.


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