This package is ideal for moving beyond merely having your course materials up online to building a reputation for Online Course delivery

Challenges for RTOs

  • Operations - Managing teaching staff costs, ensuring student enrolments, and quality and standards of education
  • Sales and Marketing - Using online learning to generate new business and sales on the basis of an existing approach, and approaching online sales and marketing in new and innovative ways, other than the traditional ‘agent’ based approach.
  • People Development - Having teachers who are capable of resource development and building courses online.
  • Outsourcing Options - Having products developed externally, and then implemented and run within the business.

Our Process

  1. Introductory meeting to discuss your current practices and needs.
  2. Discussions with existing staff on approaches to putting resources online, and the issues facing teaching staff.
  3. Design of scenarios and options to develop products or services targeted at your clients.
  4. Preparation of a quote to provide services for training staff and building capabilities, enhancing existing teaching modules or resources and making them more student friendly, help with reporting and analytics, developing Learning Assets or modules, and designing additional multimedia and online resources.
  5. If you have Canvas LMS, we can design the development of Canvas in order to get more out of your system.
  6. Helping you develop sellable products, using your existing content.
  7. Identification and implementation of new approaches to revenue via selling short courses.
  8. Design of staff training and/or helping with set up of training centres.

Benefits of Working With Us

  • A high-level understanding of the challenges facing Registered Training Organisations, especially in the current funding climate.
  • Strong project management with attentive and responsive service to any queries, requests or feedback.
  • Substantial networks and resources to help your project be successful from staff recruitment, in-house training, and business systems and operations support.
  • Experience and expertise in regulatory and compliance knowledge of both vocational and higher education regulators.
  • Value-added insights and expertise into developing a ‘fit for purpose’ solution for your organisation.
  • A dynamic grasp of ways to grow your business in a tough, competitive online environment.

Payment Options

Credit Card, PayPal

Payment Method

Monthly Instalments, Hourly Rates.

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