This package is ideal for fast growing SMEs, SMEs undergoing restructure, SMEs looking to standardise business processes and products.

Challenges for SMEs

  • Operations - Rapid growth, having staff with time, energy and resources to commit to standardising learning, using learning as part of the standardising process, and building operating procedures through eLearning, working on building effective and engaging content with which your staff or customers can connect, putting information online in an interesting and engaging way, using platforms to help the development of eLearning scenarios.
  • Sales and Marketing - Managing sales and revenue, generating profit by building the bottom line.
  • People Development - Developing internal capabilities to manage growth, producing quality products consistently.
  • Outsourcing Options - Helping bring organisation up to speed through standardisation and development.

Our Process

Find an affordable model to work with on development on custom products and designs that work with your business.

  1. Introductory meeting to discuss your current practices and needs.
  2. Discussions with existing staff on approaches to putting resources online, and the issues facing teaching/ instructor staff.
  3. Design of scenarios and options to develop products or services targeted at your clients.
  4. Preparation of a quote to provide services for training staff and building capabilities, enhancing existing teaching modules or resources and making them more learner friendly, helping with reporting and analytics, developing learning assets or modules, and designing additional multimedia and online resources.
  5. If you have Canvas LMS, we can design the development of Canvas in order to get more out of your system.
  6. We can help you develop systems of products, using your existing content, adapting content or creating new methods through the 3P Framework.
  7. We can implement via staff training (if required) or deliver the product according to your specifications.

Benefits of Working With Us

  • A good understanding of the challenges and issues facing SMEs from consolidation of standards and procedures to building structures to assist in business growth and development.
  • Best practice in instructional design, content authoring and multimedia to help your organisation get the look and feel (and branding) it needs to develop products.
  • A dedicated project manager to lead you through the life- cycle of your project and ensure everything stays on track and to deadline and budget.
  • Clear and well-structured project management timelines and deliverables.
  • Advice and consultation from our team to select the right method and approach to building online learning solutions for your organisation.
  • Support infrastructure in sales and marketing to help you implement the campaign including the development of audience promotion campaigns (e.g posters, email prompts) to help with the implementation of your solution.

Payment Options

Negotiable. Fixed Term Projects, Retainers, and Discounts for Upfront Payments.

Payment Method

Credit Card, PayPal, Cash, Cheque, or Electronic Transfer.

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