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We have worked with a range of universities, corporates, not-for-profits, training organisations and in-house teams.

For a small sample of the range of project we work on, we present you some case studies:


  • Bank Australia

    How are we different to other banks?

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The Brief

In 2015 the Members and Education Credit Union (bankmecu) had a brand rejuvenation campaign to become Bank Australia.

The Challenge

The real hurdle in rebranding was to effectively communicate the changes to both staff and customers.

Bank Australia engaged Darlo to develop a training program that would help staff understand and communicate the brand strategy, to both new and existing customers.

The Solution

Using Storyline software, Darlo built a series of sophisticated and interactive rapid learning modules to train over 1500 staff Australia wide.

Darlo took a comprehensive approach, which captured the history and philosophy of the bank, and help staff understand the brand from different customers’ perspectives.

Presentation material was colourful, interactive and engaging, making bank staff want to learn more about the company they worked for.

As a result of Darlo’s eLearning module, Bankmecu smoothly transitioned to Bank Australia, with both staff and clients equipped for the change.


  • Course Development

    Course Development

The Brief

Darlo was engaged to create a series of academic modules for a leading Australian university on tourism and hospitality. The university was seeking a streamlined approach to course development and draw on Darlo's high level expertise in academic course design.

The Challenge

Our team engaged the client over 6 months, assisting in the development of new curriculum and services that were successfully received and approved of by the academic committee.

The Solution

The client provided the following testimonial:

"As a member of the Higher Education team at [Unnamed] University, I was in charge of developing and coordinating the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management. The task required the development of curriculum for 12 subjects including PowerPoints, tutorial plans, and selecting textbooks.

Additionally, I wanted the students to possess a valuable Study Guide document - a summary of all content covered in any particular subject in the degree, with supplementary material and engaging learning activities like case studies and questions for consolidation. Although I created and oversaw much of the content development for the degree, I knew that some tasks I simply could not do on my own. That is why I approached Darlo.

I had my initial meeting with Darlo’s team. I am happy to say that we have become great colleagues and have engaged each other on numerous projects since. He showed great care and leadership with my project and I felt it was always on track and managed with exemplary professionalism. He ensured there was constant communication and I had many meetings and phone calls about my project’s progress. I was greatly satisfied with the end result Darlo produced.

"Darlo assembled an exclusive team of technical writers with experience in Management and Hospitality to work on each Subject Guide. The writing was precise and well suited to higher education students. Most importantly, they were able to incorporate all relevant content covered in the subject, adding additional information based on their expertise and further research. They were able to come up with the perfect product for my higher education goals; a subject that was engaging, thorough, clear, and comprehensive.

I have already engaged Darlo with another project and will no doubt do so again. "


  • Darlo Digital Hepatitis NSW

    HEP Check

The Brief

Hepatitis NSW is a not-for-profit charity started by the hepatitis community. Hepatitis NSW got in touch with the team at Darlo Digital to assist them in building a public health education module.

The Challenge

The challenge was develop modules on public health for community and workforce. The Darlo Digital team swung into action providing recommendations on technical set-up, implementation and content structuring. The approach was highly consultative and involved articulating program goals and project opportunities.

The Solution

In the client's own words:

“The process with Darlo Digital really has been phenomenal from start to finish. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Brian and the team, who have built exactly the product we were after at an incredibly reasonable price. They’ve been extremely flexible, accommodating and patient while putting the final product together and their communication with us at every step of the process has been fantastic. The e-learning materials they’ve helped us to bring to life will be a huge asset for our organisation and significantly improve the work we do. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how great it’s been to work with Darlo Digital and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”


  • Darlo Digital Nursing

The Brief

Darlo is currently designing a Diploma of Nursing course with a “blended learning” delivery, that offers a variety of face-to-face and online learning such as interactive video games, quizzes and short video resources.

The course uses “flipped lessons” – where students learn independently online, then attend class to practice and discuss what they’ve learned.

The Challenge

The main challenge in designing the course is to consolidate a variety of new, interactive learning tools into a course that actively engages students and produces quality skilled workers.

Darlo’s Senior Consultant in Nursing and Healthcare Education Maureen Farrell says that making materials such as journal articles, drug information and clinical guidelines instantly accessible for students is vital.

“There is a need that all learning materials can be accessed on all mobile devices including smartphones - students do a significant amount of clinical practice in the workforce and they need to be able to access information at the point of care,” Ms Farrell says.

Fitting all content into a shorter, more succinct structure that maintains students full engagement, is also important, Ms Farrell says.

“Another challenge is shifting the focus of academics from teaching content in a didactic manner to facilitating the learning of the student,” she says.

The Solution

Ms Farrell says that using an LMS that is easy for students to navigate is crucial. Darlo has recently partnered with Canvas LMS, a new program which is already proving to be extremely popular and user-friendly in universities across the US.

Canvas LMS operates as a ‘Cloud’, and can therefore be used across multiple devices at once, providing instant access to crucial learning resources.

In order to deliver these engaging and interactive “blended learning” course modules, Ms Farrell says that academics need to be educated in how to use these new teaching paradigms.

“This ensures that students are actively engaged in the learning process - that is they are in control of their own learning,” she says.


  • Darlo Digital Lego Serious Play

    Lego Serious Play

    with Sebastian Simand

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The Brief

Lego Serious Play (LSP) is exactly what it sounds like: a game for professional adults, using Lego pieces, that enhances creative thinking, builds problem-solving skills, and fosters team communication.

A plethora of research studies have shown that through 3D structure building exercises, LSP can unlock imagination and innovation within business teams.

In 2017 global enterprise applications company People Tech engaged Darlo to develop two videos explaining how they use Serious Lego Play to help businesses enhance their performance.

The Challenge

Darlo’s Senior Instructional Designer Roger Kerr is working with People Tech to spread their SLP campaign throughout Australia and Indonesia.

Several barriers cropped up during the production of the videos, including the Lego company’s strict rules about branding and the editing of videos in the Indonesian language, by staff who didn’t speak Indonesian.

The Solution

The videos were filmed and edited in Darlo’s conveniently located Melbourne CBD studio.

Mr Kerr liaised with People Tech and Lego to ensure that all video content adhered with Lego’s brand restrictions.

“Lego have strict rules in place regarding branding, so I am forced to make some changes,” he said.

He also liaised closely with People Tech’s Managing Director Sebastian Simand, to ensure the Indonesian edit was tight and succinct.

People tech are now able to successfully communicate their LSP campaign throughout Australia and Indonesia.

Freelancer/Small Business

  • Client Engagement

    with Mark Bloodworth

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The Brief

Mark Bloodworth, founder of Lifeblood Performance, is a leading human resources expert who approached Darlo to help transform his face-to-face leadership training programs into the digital realm, through a series of online videos.

Mark mentors prominent business executives on how to enhance human performance and cultivate leadership skills.

After more than a decade managing executive level recruitment firms, Mark has gone solo to focus on his own specialty brand of leadership development. It’s no surprise Mark is an industry leader himself.

The Challenge

Mark engaged Darlo to help bring his consulting services alive in the digital realm.

“People are the lifeblood of an organisation. You can have the slickest systems and the slickest processes but if people aren’t engaged and brought into the concept you aren’t going to get the best out of them,” he says.

As a new start-up business, Mark wanted Darlo to produce a series of professional videos that he could distribute to clients, to add to his existing face-to-face training methods.

The videos had to be concise and engaging to maintain viewers’ attention, without compromising on content.

The Solution

Mark's training tutorials were filmed and edited in Darlo’s production studio, conveniently located in Melbourne’s CBD.

Facilities such as a green-screen and on-set lighting were used to produce an attractive and professional video production.

The professional videos have helped increase Mark's audience reach, and brought his training alive in the digital realm.

Clients can now take a copy of Mark's CD home with them, for a lasting experience.

Darlo’s video production skills have helped Mark to share his HR and leadership wisdom with the business leaders of tomorrow.

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