Our Objective

Darlo Digital supports client’s curriculum development and innovations teams to customise eLearning and mobile learning programs that meets the needs of students, employers and the community.

Darlo Digital partners with clients to:

  • Customise course content to provide engaging programs for effective blended teaching and learning within the client’s LMS, such as Canvas.
  • Develop flipped learning content online to enhance classroom collaboration and activity.
  • Enable mobile learning as eLearning materials are re-developed for mobile devices.
  • Promote student engagement via gamification.
  • Apply innovative and creative solutions to support high quality blended learning.
  • Meet the level of quality required for authentic and engaging self-learning experience.

Our Methodology

  • Lean Servings of Content — effective learning is achieved through short modules (chunks) of content with activities to reinforce comprehension.
  • Spaced Learning — highly condensed learning content is introduced 3 times with various space interval duration.
  • Clear Outcomes — lessons are framed with activities linked to clear outcomes. Students are briefed with demonstrations to reinforce the intent of learning experience, and address uncertainty from the start.
  • Gamification — Games are built into mobile elearning for practice, reinforcement and/ or assessment to promote active learning.
  • Real time learning analytics — support client’s digital learning strategy to provide business intelligence and predictive intelligence on student retention, satisfaction and success.

Darlo Partnership Approach

Darlo promotes a collaborative model with clients to ensure effective customisation and implementation, as demonstrated in the diagram here.

1. Planning and Preparation

  • Review LMS requirements and learning content
  • Develop blended learning strategy
  • Online content mapping
  • Storyboard & Game design
  • Build learner journey

2. Instructional Design

  • eLearning design and development
  • Build learning game
  • Video and Audio development
  • Create learning assets

3. Review and Revise

  • Finalise eLearning content

4. Project Handover

  • Transfer new skills; staff training
  • Publish programs on client sever
  • Transfer development templates

Mobile Learning Strategy

Recommended Blended Learning Sequence

Development Requirements and Considerations

Project Delivery Indicative Timeline

Customised Development Options

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